Japan’s Figure Maker Crafts Animals Adorably Melting Infront of a Heater

In Japan, a lack of central heating in many houses makes portable heaters and stoves beacons of warmth for household pets searching out comfort in the winter–as demonstrated by a cat’s almost romantic bond with his heater.

Figure and model hobbyist @meetissai (who has a lovely habit of turning bizarre internet images and memes into awesome figures), perhaps inspired by the number of adorable pictures of pets “melting” in front of heaters that circulate around this time of year, decided to craft figures of animals huddling around a heater–as well as the results!

As you can see, @meetissai quite literally recreated the melting feeling of animals (in this case, a cat, dog, rabbit, and tanuki) get when they find themselves happy victims to the siren call of the heater. The talented figure maker writes “It’s really cold so I made melting animals warming up in front of the stove.”

If you’re looking for more quirky and cute figures like this, be sure to give @meetissai a follow on Twitter.

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